Why to choose GoGoBoost?

We offer the service of the best quality and price ratio to our customers. Years of raiding, battlegrounds, arena’s guarantee the highest quality of service. Reputation on owned core, our team consists of players from higly respected PvE and PvP guilds. We would never do anything to compromise our reputation or embarrass ourselves. True professionals will always keep your private information secure. GoGoBoost team guarantees that You will get the service You order. If You decide to purchase any of our service, we will always aproach to You with highly professional level of communication and service. Our biggest advantage is that we don’t represent any sort of middle mans. If You buy a service or product on our website, all the money is going to GoGoBoost team (we are working on live support and boosting at same time) and we aren’t cutting of anyone. When You speak with some of us on live chat or skype, You are speaking with a booster who will stand next to You, shoulder by shoulder, in any sort of our services (for example mythic+ ) This represents the most efficient way of service. We understand best your needs, since You are in contact with same people from moment of adding us to moment of getting your rewards. Once the order is confirmed we will contact You through details You left in order note (skype and email) and we will finalize spot reservation and give You further directions when and how boost will be executed. For available spots we will always provide most accurate informations. P.S. You are also welcome to join us on discord while we are inside 🙂

How do I place order?

Making order on our website is realy simple process. You can go to shop section and pick category, inside category You have type of boost and You can choose which type of boost You want and add it to cart. You can always delete the stuff that You put to cart and replace them with another type of boost but make sure You leave right ones before you proceed to final checkout. You can navigate to upper right corner of our website for the shopping cart and for final checkout.

How can I pay?

We accept PayPal. If you don’t own an account on it, it takes up to 48 hours to crate one.

How will I get contacted after making order?

After placing sucessfull order You can contact us on website live chat, mail or You can add our official support skype: gogoboost. If You are unable to contact us at the time when You made order we will make sure to contact You through informations You left for us at the order details (skype or email) and wait for your respond.

How fast my order will be completed?

We will complete Your order as fast as possible since we have incredible resources that allow us to complete services very quickly. We will never try to sell something through our website if we aren’t absolutely confident that we can deliver it in a quick and professional manner.

When do you have free spot for mythic+?

We will always provide You most accurate times for our free spots since we always organized weekly schedule with all reservations and available spots. Usually wait time is less then 6h If You need info about spots for certain date or time You can always contact us on website live chat or on our official support skype and we will provide You all data.

What in case if I have commitments? ( Job, irl things to sort out, raiding etc ) can you guys schedule a time which suits me?

Yes, of course! Customer satisfaction and convenience is our priority.

When do you need my battle tag real id?

For self play mythic+, karazhan orders (which requires your battle tag (real id) for ingame invitation) we will always ask for your battle tag at the scheduled boost day (to be more accurate it will be around 15-30 mins before apointed time). We will always start with invitations and forming grp at 10 minutes before boost time.

At what time we will fix account sharing?

Account sharing can be fixed at any time before boost, but we will log to your account only for 1 hour approx (just before start of boost and we will logout just after boost is completed). Usually account sharing ¸will be done 30-45 minutes before start of boost so we can have enough time to prepare character (spec, stats, addons)

Do I need to remove my authenticator for account share order?

We prefer if You have authenticator attached to your account cause at the boost time when we are about to log you can simply give us authenticator code when we are ready and we will log without any problems. If you cannot be online at boost time and You need to go offline then you need to remove your authenticator.

How do I unlock my account (Password reset process)?

Unlocking your account (password reset) is very simple process. Once we try to log from different IP adress account will be locked and you will get notification via email. Follow instructions in mail to reset your password. Once You reset Your password You need to give us brand new password without trying to log in game or to battle.net (also you need to check for your battle.net application to make sure its closed). Please have in mind that you need to know your account details in order to unlock your account. Also please take care about sms protection if you have it and you don’t have access to the mobile number which is attached for protection. We experienced issues where people cannot unlock account cause they dont have access to their old number which is still attached to his account so make sure you fix it before unlocking process.

Can I track progress of my order (Will you stream for me)?

Yes we will do a private stream only for You, so no one else can’t see that somebody is playing on ur account. During wait time for boost we provide 24/7 support for any of your questions. If you order account share boost we will keep You informed all the time during the boost on our official skype or website live chat.

Will you change my key binds and interface?

If You want for key binds and addons to remain unchanged, please copy WTF folder from World of Warcraft directory to safe location, so You can paste it back after boost and keep addons and key binds unchanged.

Do I have to transfer my character?

You don’t have to transfer for any of our services.

Can I play my account during your services?

Yes. As long as there is good method of communication, You will be able to play your account any time you want. When we need to log in to play, we will message You via Skype to let You know we are starting.

What if my order doesn’t get done?

Although highly unlikely as all of our orders have been complete, in the event we are unable to finish your carry, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, but we can give You a word of our known service, that we will complete your order 100%.