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skype: gogoboost
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Flawless M+12-run, great players with great personalities, making the boost a real blast! I had so much fun that I bought a nightbane-run aswell, finished without a wipe, very quickly. Can’t recommend these guys enough! 10/10. I will be buying more from them 🙂


Buyed boost for mythic 10 in time, they asked for money in front I trusted them, everything vent nice and smooth I can only recommend those guys !



Realy good Boost with theese guys, fast smooth and effective!
God bless them!


first off i never write a review even on amazon or ebay when i buy stuff only once that was so people so people can see that some item wasnt the way it was on the picture yet for this their boost .
let me start with saying this yesterday i should have start with them sooner but i came home late at night and they were soon nice have toke his time to talk to me on skype even tho am not a noob i know a lot of people that boost and they would handle people like oh work but not them even tho it was late and they were tired they were simple nice people , It is really nice to see people like that i mean its even rude to call them boosters bcouse i would feel shame of i did it didnt felt like i was only boosted it shows they are tired but they got the job done even on the madan we didnt do her coz it was a rush to go to Nightbane they were no do you paid for it . At the end look you can buy any thing with your money but they got me sold with the amount of respect and how are they will to go out of their way to help you